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Outline of Book, Leviticus (reference for Leviticus sermon)

Outline of the Book, Leviticus

Chapter 1: Burnt offerings (animals)
Chapter 2-5: Oblations (agricultural offerings)
Communion Sacrifice (peace offering)
Sacrifice for Sin (guilt-offering)
Sins of the high priest
Sins of the community of Israel
Sins of the leaders
Sins of private individuals
Examples requiring Sacrifice for Sin
More sins of private individuals
Sacrifice of Reparation (guilt offering)
Chapter 6: Priesthood and sacrifice
            Burnt offerings
            Oblations (agriculture)
Sacrifice for Sin
Sacrifice of Reparation
Rights of Priests
Chapter 7: Communion Sacrifice
            Sacrifice with Praise
            Votive or Voluntary Sacrifices
General Rules of sacrifice
The Priest’s Portion (breast, right thigh)
Chapters 8, 9, 10: Investiture of the Priests
            Functions of Priests
                        Exact observance lesson
                        Removal of bodies
                        Priestly mourning
                        No wine at Tent of Meeting
                        Priest’s portion of offerings (unleavened portion, breast and thigh)
             Special regulations
Chapter 11: Clean and Unclean 
On land
            In water
            Winged insects
            Contact with unclean animals
            Small ground beasts
            Further rules on contact with unclean things
Chapter 12: Purification of a woman after childbirth            Chapter 13-14: Human leprosy
                        Chronic leprosy
                        Diseases of scalp and chin
                        Loss of hair
                        Regulation for lepers
                        Leprosy of clothes
                        Purification of lepers
Leprosy of houses

Chapter 15: Sexual impurities of men
Sexual impurities of women
Chapter 16: A great Day of Atonement
Chapter 17: The Law of Holiness
            Immolation and sacrifice
Chapter 18: Rules for conjugal relationships
Chapter 19:Worship
Chapter 20:  Penalties
                        Offences against true worship
                        Offences against the family
The clean and the unclean
Chapter 21: The Priesthood
            The Priests
            The high Priest
            Impediments to the priesthood
Chapter 22: Holiness of the sacred meal
            The priests
            Lay people
            Animals sacrificed
Chapter 23-24: Rituals for annual feasts
            The Sabbath
            The Passover and feast of Unleavened bread
            The first sheaf
            The feast of Weeks
            The first day of the Seventh Month
            The Day of Atonement
            The Feast of Tabernacles
            Repeat of Feast of Tabernacles
            The perpetual flame
            The bread on the Golden Table
            Blasphemy and retaliation
            The Holy Years
                        The Sabbatical Year
                        The Year of Jubilee
                        The divine guarantee
Chapter 25, middle: Consequences of the holy land and people
            Redemption of landed property
            The people: loans and enfranchisement
Chapter 26: Conclusion
Chapter 27: Valuations:
Chapter 27, end: Redemption rules:
            Banned creatures

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